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Ethical artificial intelligence is a must

AI is a very powerful tool. Ask it to generate anything like text or media, and it will appear. But how do you know if what it creates is trustworthy? In the Ethical Artificial Intelligence Certificate Course, you will learn to:

  1. Deconstructing AI: Investigate through real-world case studies what the real risks of AI are and how biases seep into generative models.
  2. Driving Positive Change: Learn practical frameworks for designing AI projects with ethics at their core.
  3. Become a pioneer in Ethical AI: Companies are hiring professionals for their Ethical AI teams following the European Parliament Regulations.


Master the basics without programming

The most complete certified course to understand the Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, with examples from today’s business world and practical applications. In this course you will learn to:

  1. Use practical machine learning tools.
  2. Apply models such as decision trees, clustering and regression analysis and their practical implementation.
  3. Avoid the typical problems you will encounter when starting to work with Machine Learning.


Design and create your own AI prototype

Learn how to design optimal directions and turn them into powerful AI-driven projects. In this course you will learn to:

  1. Adjust AI instructions and validate their performance and reliability.
  2. Introduce and manage AI tools in your business.
  3. Scale and maintain product development.


Artificial Intelligence is ready to boost your business

We believe that Artificial Intelligence is a revolution that will change habits about how we work and everyone should have the right tools to be part of it. In this certified course for executives you will learn to:

  1. AI ethics: how to create AI products that benefit everyone.
  2. AI strategy for executives: how to introduce AI into a business organization.
  3. AI-based product strategy.
  4. Privacy and legal issues related to Artificial Intelligence.
  5. Machine Learning: a step beyond Generative AI.
  6. Network, Flywheel and Data Value effects of Artificial Intelligence.
  7. Practices with IBM Watson AI.

Jobs requiring AI skills will grow 71% in the next 3 years. Source: International Labour Organization, 2023.

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